Our training programs are designed to help create an environment that fosters preventative behaviour among all employees, as well as their involvement and participation within the organisation. They aim to enhance people’s well-being, promoting the development of skills and attitudes that facilitate their adaptation to processes of change and improvement. The goal is to generate a preventative culture within the organisation.

The workshops are dynamic and participative. They offer participants a platform for reflection and to exchange ideas, as well as the opportunity to have a clearer understanding of themselves and identify personalised strategies for their own development.

The training programs described below are imparted in-company both face-to-face or via e-learning, and are tailored to the specific needs of each organisation. Certain programs are also open tp the general public(BES-Business Engineering School, La Salle, URL)

Training programs for Team leaders (Directors, manaeger, etc...)

Training programs for the entire organisation:

Testimonials Training

  • "Our experience is very positive. As an organisation we are very sensitive to themes related to the well-being of people and teams. The two training programmes particularly helped to improve the management, communication and work within the team. In fact, we will be shortly doing another “How to care for the body and mind at work” session, with the aim of preventing certain pathologies that arise from stress and improving posture. Onbalance has given us methodology, experience and personalised programmes; factors which are of great value to us."
    Marta Esther Mulero
    Human Resources and General Services Manager
    Assosiation of Surveyors and Technical Architects in Barcelona


  • "It was an enriching and useful experience. The participants quickly became involved, enjoyed themselves and learned. It truly made an impact on us as the focus was on personal enrichment and self-awareness, and pinpointed our weaknesses with an aim to making improvements."
    "Beyond a doubt, the “Stress Management Seminar” was very interesting and different from your standard stress management course. Especially noteworthy was the participants’ positive feedback in which they highlighted how useful and practical the course was."
    "Undoubtedly the first stone has been placed therefore I hope that in the near future we will be able to work together with Onbalance again."
    Manuel Jiménez
    Occupational Health and Safety Manager and Environmental Manager


Benefits of the Onbalance training programs

Learn to live with high-pressure situations, high work loads and maximum personal and professional demands.

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