We offer a process of interactive support that facilitates achieving the quickest and most long-lasting change possible through performance improvement. We specialise in two areas:

Executive Coaching and the Coaching of Teams

Aimed at company directors and professionals in general who are immersed in the processes of change or improvement. It can be carried out on an individual or group basis. The aim is to facilitate:

  • Adaptation to a current or future professional management situation
  • The development of potential and skills within the framework of professional aims (beginning of a new post, progress monitoring, development...)
  • The process of change (team dynamics, organisation, improvement action plans, social environment...)
  • Cooperation between team members and to foster their search to review and improve relations, work processes and values. The objective is to develop a "team" aptitude of the whole collective while focusing on shared results.

Health Coach

This forms part of the framework of individual action plans for the prevention of psychosocial risks.

It is aimed at people in the organisation that need or would like to improve their psychophysical health. The aim, according to the needs of each person, is to help:

  • Identify and define action strategies in the face of situations that cause anxiety
  • Manage and reduce stress
  • Improve or modify habits that may affect health such as alcoholism, addictions to tobacco, eating disorders, sleep issues, etc...
  • Increase quality of life

Testimonials Coaching

  • "Finding balance is essential for staying healthy in every way, and the results of achieving this, gives us benefits in all spheres of life. Onbalance has given us this opportunity by strengthening our teams, and sensitively introducing personal goals for modifying areas of weakness that could be overcome. We talked about coaching, cohesion and achieving excellence within the work teams and about methodologies concerning decision-making. We were provided with an extensive range of problem solving techniques gained from previous knowledge, experience and a commitment to a natural approach."
    Josep Mª Verdaguer
    Human Resources Manager
    Ficosa International, S.A.


  • "It's hard to describe, but there was a kind of "chemistry" right from the start. Victoria Conesa transmits calmness, confidence and professionalism, which are essential attributes for the Coaching process. I therefore had no doubts about asking her to collaborate with us and it was a complete, overall success."
    Laura Asín
    Regional Lead, Europe – HRD and People College
    Carburos Metálicos - Air Products Group