Based on the characteristics and needs of the company and developed from a systemic vision of that company, we design, elaborate and implement intervention and assessment projects for all kinds of organisation.

Psychosocial Risk Management and Prevention

We help organisations to define a course of action that enables psychosocial risk prevention and identify effective procedures for its management. To do this our model can be applied on a full or partial basis in accordance with the strategic goals of the organisation.

  • 1. Assessment of psychosocial risks
  • 2. Preventative planning of psychosocial risks
    • a. Design and introduction of the psychosocial risk preventative policy within the organisation
    • b. Design and development of programs and operations to improve health and the quality of working life
    • c. Workshops for physiological and psychological techniques specific to working environments: Yoga and postural re-education
    • d. Design of employee assistant programs
    • e. Awareness training for specific groups through conferences and informative sessions

Development of people in organisations

  • Change Management
  • Organisational Behaviour Studies
  • Management by Skills
  • Identification of Professional Profiles
  • Upward Feedback
  • Strategic Management of Training
  • Outsourcing of Human Resources

Testimonials Consultancy

  • "Faced with the challenge of defining our values and conveying our identity and our feelings as an organization, the Onbalance team provided us with methodology, experience and sensitivity which facilitated the process and enabled us to achieve the goals we had committed to, in a clear and professional way."
    Francisco Herrero
    Director of Human Resources
    Grupo Freixenet


  • "Outsourcing the training has been a great help for us, especially regarding the methodology used for the design of internal training, which has enabled us to develop an approach to training that is specific to our company. It has been an experience that we value very positively."
    Juan Guijarrubia
    General Manager
    Pinturas Hempel, S.A.