Benefits of the Onbalance training program


  • Learn to live with high-pressure situations, high work loads and maximum personal and professional demands
  • Increase resilience to both external and internal demands
  • Elaborate strategies to minimise the impact of a situation experienced as stressful
  • Understand and implement techniques to prevent and manage stress
  • Improve skills regarding: creativity, initiative, innovation, team work, leadership, commitment, tolerance to pressure.



  • Improvement of work environment: more satisfaction and better communication
  • Increase in efficiency/productivity: decrease in absenteeism, turnover rate, etc.
  • On a legal basis: Compliance with the Prevention of Occupational Hazards act (Act 31/1995, of 8 November, Prevention of Occupational Hazards. BOE nº 269 10/11/1995).
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Stress is becoming more and more frequent...

"When workers have no influence over how to work, their work rhythm is accelerated, there are conflicts in establishing priorities, they have little recognition, insufficient support and there is little understanding from their superiors".

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