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Our team is specialised in creating settings that cultivate the well-being of those who work in organisations thereby fostering their development, efficiency and competitiveness.

Starting with the needs of each organisation we develop a tailor-made response to help generate healthy working environments in which the key skills of each person are enhanced and brought to the fore.

Our interventions are steered towards offering management and team leaders the tools to manage and prevent their own stress and that of their co-workers, and in this way develop and consolidate a preventative culture in the workplace.

We also provide all employees with individual tools to enable them to identify the causes of stress and incorporate strategies and techniques for its reduction or elimination.

Our intervention model allows programs to be fully or partially implemented in the following areas:

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We design and implement projects that promote the development and well-being of people in organisations.

Stress arises most often...

"When workers have no influence over how to work, their work rhythm is accelerated, there are conflicts in establishing priorities, they have little recognition, insufficient support and there is little understanding from their superiors".

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Techniques for preventing and managing stress

Open training program that offers tools for understanding why and how stress affects us.
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What our clients have to say. Comments from some of the company managers and professionals with whom we have worked on training, consultancy and coaching programs.

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